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Valeria Viola  – Italy

I was born in Bergamo (Italy) and since 1991 I have been teaching hatha yoga.

I attended many courses to become a hatha yoga teacher under the guidance of international Yoga Masters. I am also holder of a Master degree in yoga therapy.

Since 1996 I have been the founding partner of the Surya Club in Villa di Serio town (BG-Italy). Our mission is to spread and promote the philosophy and practice of yoga. Currently I am the Technical Director and a freelance teacher.

My knowledge of yoga comes from many years of experience gained through the study and practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques. These are key aspects that are used to express the yoga in the easiest and most direct way to those who want to start or improve the discipline.

Over the centuries Yoga has evolved into various styles and methods. I have grown my personal teaching interpretation considering and respecting the teaching methods of the great masters who followed one another over time.

I’ve been teaching different classes: first and second level classes, therapeutic yoga, classes for seniors and courses for nursery and first year primary school teachers.

From my prospective, Yoga is like the “second skin” for those who practices this discipline. It is the teacher’s responsibility to suggest the yogic path best suited to the person’s tendency respecting personality, attitude and cultural backgrounds.

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